Series 3 Session 4 Update !

  Coderdojo Dingle Series 3
Full house again for session 4 @dingledojo ! We started this week with a short video from the Junior Dragon’s den showing 13 year old Jordan Casey from Waterford. He started coding age 9 and already has several projects on the Apple store ! Read all about it in the Irishtimes
You may have seen in the news that Cisco corp & Coderdojo have offered a $5,000 prize for a winning Coderdojo project. Next week we will be looking at creating teams and considering projects for entry. See here for the details
This week we covered the final parts needed for our coders to complete their first proper Scratch project. And they all earned a new Scratch badge ! You can see their projects here
Next week will see us return to more HTML website coding & would ask that coders revisit Codecademy and Quickdojo during the week.
See you all next week!
Chris Byrne & Keith Buchanan
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A big thank you to Fionnan O hOgain of Udaras. Udaras are providing the conference room, 3 laptops & facilities ! Learn more about Udaras:
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