Session 3 Update !

  Coderdojo Dingle Series 3, Session No 3
Quick update on progress so far !

This week we welcomed 2 new girlcoders who add fresh thinking to our coding class. We now have 6 girlcoders in our class of 17. And yes, we are full !
It’s important to repeat that coding is not just about programming computers. The MIT developed Scratch platform we are using was specifically designed to help critical thinking, think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively. Coding skills enhance opportunity & development in other disciplines like art, science or business.
This week the coders collaborated & coded a Scratch game together which we used as the basis for this weeks lesson on how to add scores to a game. We also reviewed the projects so far & explained how each stage earns a Coderdojo badge.
Several of our coders have earned badges so far & you can keep track of their progress online using the link below. You can click on the Scratch cat to view that coders’ latest progress for Scratch. Click on their name for progress on their Website development.
We’d also like to bring attention to this book on Scratch that will help coders develop their skills further: We would encourage coders continue their work between sessions. Email us if any help is needed with that.
Scratch site:
Quickdojo HTML app:
Last weeks’ update, in case you missed it!
A big thank you to Fionnan O hOgain of Udaras. Udaras are providing the conference room, 3 class laptops & facilities !
Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!
Christopher Byrne | Keith Buchanan
086 810 6433
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