May 7 Session update !


  Coderdojo Dingle Series 3
May 7 Session Update !

It was back to HTML for our coders in session 4 ! As we had a few who missed Session 1 this was no harm and served as a good recap for the others. Believe it or not, we use good-old-fashioned paper flash cards for this part. It really works !

Chris spent the weekend in Geneva and took the opportunity to visit CERN. CERN is where the web was created and 20 years ago this month, they released it to the world for free use. This is the example Chris points to when explaining why we have HTML today. So the internet we have today is an unintended consequence from scientists at CERN who needed to share documents with one another, around the globe. Coderdojo is a bit like that: Who says the next Skype cant come from Dingle ?

We also awarded several of our coders badges from last weeks session. You can see the ongoing work here. Weve already handed out this weeks badge for the HTML work they completed in this session ! Well done to all coders ! Again the Quickdojo app held up very well and everyone managed to create their own live webpage with it. Its now also on the Google Chromestore !

Next week will see us forming teams to develop ideas for projects they can code on their own and hopefully submit to the CISCO competition we talked about last week. Its also an aim to have some of the projects listed in the Google Chrome store.

Coders have Homework !
To make this happen its important that coders start on Codecademy at home, before the next session. They will breeze though the first few exercises as they have covered much of the work. But they need to progress on through the rest !

Now a word about laptops. Please ensure that any laptop brought into our session is completely powered off with no running programs. We strictly prohibit the use of Youtube, Skype, Mobile phones, Facebook or any social media in our sessions. Please revisit our guidelines on laptop usage on our site here email or call us if this is not clear.

See you next week!

Chris Byrne & Keith Buchanan

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A big thank you to Fionnan O hOgain of Udaras. Udaras are providing the conference room, 3 laptops & facilities ! Learn more about Udaras:


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