May 28 Session Update !

Tá códú cúl !  |  coding is cool !
Series 3: Tuesday May 28 Session 7 Update !


Tuesday May 28

Today Padraig demonstrated the EIRECD project he developed at Pobail Scoil Dingle with Shane.  It’s an interactive educational CD about Ireland for Primary students and won 2nd Prize in the National Student Enterprise Awards ! And by all accounts it’s selling very well too.

More fun was had with the Lego Wedo motion sensor.  Somebody strapped it to the leg of a chair and as people filed into the room, the Scratch cat made some funny noises…  Next week we are going to hook it up to a talking Lion !

So this week we picked up a gear with Javascript.  Chris showed how we can use Javascript to make web-pages more interesting and everyone soon managed to make their web-pages come alive.  Because the coders already worked with scripts in Scratch, everyone got their page working very quickly.   This is an  important step for the coders as it completes the basic skills  they need to complete their project.  Well done to Niall and Gwendolin for being quick off the mark !

The Coderdojo Coolest Projects is now open and we hope to enter !  Last years competition was very successful.  One of the projects from that competition is now being used in UK schools !

The project will call upon everything we learned so far and now you know why we had homework !  Both Codecademy and W3Schools will be important tools to help the coders complete their projects.  We’ve opened up the email for any coder needing help between sessions.  Collaboration between teams is encouraged and welcomed.

Don’t forget Tuesday June 11 is graduation day for series 3 Coderdojo Dingle !

See you next week!

Chris Byrne & Keith Buchanan

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