May 21 Session update !

Series 3: Tuesday May 21 Session 6 Update !

Tuesday May 21

Full house at Dingle Coderdojo again ! Chris started today’s session with updates from the Nashville Coderdojo and how cool it is that we can cooperate, learn and share over such a distance. Keith did a recap on last weeks’ session which covered the DIV and LI tags plus some fun was had the with Lego WeDo last week! Fionn showed the class the design for his website which looks great and built just with the Quickdojo app! He managed to get Live Tide info for Dingle Harbour into the site !

Chris then announced the project teams for the final 4 sessions. The group is now divided into teams of 3 and have been asked to devise a project of their own making. The project will be presented to all the parents and invited special guests (!) in the Final session for this series 3.

The picture shows each team coming up with great ideas which range from sites that do Music, Sport, Dingle, Weather, Fashion and Games that teach. The projects can be a website or a Scratch project and individual entries are also accepted. Even today some of the projects got started and look very impressive ! The project will call upon everything we learned so far and now you know why we had homework ! Both Codecademy and W3Schools will be important tools to help the coders complete their projects. We’ve opened up the email for any coder needing help between sessions. Collaboration between teams is encouraged and welcomed.

Project housekeeping. Some coders have difficulty in keeping track of projects they create. It’s important to be organised in this phase of the process. The Quickdojo app has a private folder for organising all project files when you login with a GMAIL account. Please ensure your coder knows where their code is !

See you next week!

Chris Byrne & Keith Buchanan

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A big thank you to Fionnan O hOgain of Údarás who are providing the conference room and 3 Chromebooks ! Learn more here:

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