May 14 Session Update!

  Coderdojo Dingle Series 3
Session 5 Update !

Tuesday the 14th of May was the 5th session in this current series of Dingle Coderdojo.  Teemu Kannisto, originally from Finland, who owns West Kerry Computers, joined us as a volunteer mentor and we thank him for his time and expertise.  

We had a small delay due to the internet connection failing, so Adam used the time to demo our new Lego Scratch attachment which can sense how far away you are.  Once we had services running as normal Adam provided inspiration for the coders to create a project, by showing us his Skypeface Google Chromestore app which has more than 4,180 users !

The coders learned about how to make a list on a website using the LI tag and an introduction to the DIV tag which is a big step forward in their HTML coding experience


Because mentors are in such short supply, it’s encouraged that when Coderdojo mentors travel,  they offer help to nearby Coderdojo’s.

So Chris was on business in Nashville this week and helped with their very first Coderdojo ! Even though Dingle is 3,750 miles away, there was no loss in translation when it came to coding!  We shared the Dingle lesson plans for HTML and every coder got their first page live with Quickdojo !  Big thanks to founder Denise & her husband Dale for their genuinely warm and friendly welcome.  Their town (Nolensville) is outside Nashville and is about  the same size as Dingle.

The Nashville coders have experience with Minecraft servers and will be sharing that with us in a joint online show & tell soon !  Working with other Coderdojo’s is a great way to collaborate and share experience.

Coders have Homework !   Don’t forget the coders have homework and continue the coding online with Codecademy at home before the next session.   This is a great resource to cement their knowledge and gives them the tools to explore beyond what they are shown in the class.

Another word about laptops. Please ensure that any laptop brought into our session is completely powered off with no running programs. We strictly prohibit the unsupervised use of Youtube, Skype, Mobile phones, Facebook or any social media in our sessions.   Please revisit our guidelines on laptop usage on our site here email or call us if this is not clear.

See you next week! Chris Byrne & Keith Buchanan

Coderdojo is not for profit. Tech entrepreneurs give their time & expertise to help kids learn to code. Visit Coderdojo to learn more. A big thank you to Fionnan O hOgain of Udaras. Udaras are providing the conference room, 3 Chromebooks & facilities ! Learn more about Udaras:

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