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Series 4 Graduation.

Congrats to all our graduates of Series 4. It’s been a great six weeks with everyone completing their projects successfully. For our new coders this was to create a scratch game using variables, basic HTML, HTML5 and then combining them

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Series 4 Update

Series 4 of Dingle Coderdojo got off to a cracking good start with many new coders aboard. It was great to see coders from the prior series return too with some completing Codecademy courses in the meantime; Well done! A

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May 28 Session Update !

  Tá códú cúl !  |  coding is cool ! Series 3: Tuesday May 28 Session 7 Update !   Tuesday May 28 Today Padraig demonstrated the EIRECD project he developed at Pobail Scoil Dingle with Shane.  It’s an interactive

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May 21 Session update !

Series 3: Tuesday May 21 Session 6 Update ! Tuesday May 21 Full house at Dingle Coderdojo again ! Chris started today’s session with updates from the Nashville Coderdojo and how cool it is that we can cooperate, learn and

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May 14 Session Update!

  Coderdojo Dingle Series 3 Session 5 Update ! Tuesday the 14th of May was the 5th session in this current series of Dingle Coderdojo.  Teemu Kannisto, originally from Finland, who owns West Kerry Computers, joined us as a volunteer

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May 7 Session update !

    Coderdojo Dingle Series 3 May 7 Session Update ! It was back to HTML for our coders in session 4 ! As we had a few who missed Session 1 this was no harm and served as a

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Session 3 Update !

  Coderdojo Dingle Series 3, Session No 3 Quick update on progress so far ! This week we welcomed 2 new girlcoders who add fresh thinking to our coding class. We now have 6 girlcoders in our class of 17.

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